Colette Miller - earth angel

Colette Miller - earth angel

Born in the Streets of Downtown Los Angeles, the city of Angels in 2012, Colette’s Global Angel Wings Project has exploded around the globe and can be seen on the streets of every major city in the U.S. including major Airports such as LAX, Chicago O’hare, and Newark Liberty International. The interactive art project allows individuals to become part of the artwork by photographing themselves wearing the wings and then sharing the pictures of themselves on social media. Colette’s wings are one of, if not the most, recognizable images on social media.

Colette is an American born artist that works in painting, music, poetry and film. She is a well-regarded artist with authentic depth and diversity in her work, which reflects the many places she has lived and traveled to around the world. In addition the being the creator behind creator of The Global Angel Wings Project, she has exhibited and sold her paintings internationally. Colette draws inspiration from her heart, dreams, philosophies, memories, psychic or intuitive forces, color and movement.

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